Thursday, August 4, 2011

Am back!!!

Hi seemed that i was M.I.A hehehehe. a very long rest makes me feel lazy. however nak jugak share what i've done lately. first of all nak share brooch order from my friends for raya...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kak Rose's Wedding Present

Kak Rose ni i jumpa time kite orang join Ikrar untuk Hari Kemerdekaan tahun lepas. Biasa la bile ade facebook semua la bz nak add new friends..and minta no tepon la mane tau next time nak jumpe senang. Since that day i xpenah pun jumpe Kak Rose but ade la chat on fb sekali-sekala and recently tgk gamba die kawen. Did call her and wish her and also sms. Congratulate her on fb also. Die ade ajak jumpe just to have a drink but cudn't find the right time to lepaking with her. And she told me she will move to KL ikut suami die huuhuuuu....will meet her soon and i have made her a wedding present; a brooch, a bracelet and a long brooch as head jewelery ( hehehehe ye ke namenye camtu..apa-apa je la) It's a a set of woman's accessory...hope she will like it. Here wana show u all..what i have designed especially for her.

Huda's Brooch

Last week my colleague Nurul Huda Abdul Rashid a.k.aUda @ Huda nak brooch yang simple and kaler die pilih kaler purple. Saye pun ape lagi terus la mendesignkan satu brooch utk die. Kononnye ala-ala wedding dress designer le. Ambik pen and kertas and buat rough design hehehee...tgk la kat bawah nihSorry le kengkawan pic agak blur almaklum la cam hp yang x canggih...ehhee..die nak gune crystal sarowsky bikon and heart shape...and balls tu i gune suasa so kaler die golden la tahan lame x luntur punye...gamba bawah brooch yang dah siap...taaaddaaaa....

New Brooch Design

Hi lame da x update blog. Harini nak share brooch design yang baru. Brooch ni (Lex 01-Lex 03) leh pakai kat bawah dagu dan jugak pakai kat bahu. Harga RM15 je. Bagi kengkawan KKPB ade discount hehehee...kaler lak agak limited and special edition la kate kan. cepat2 jgn x beli

Brooch Nur sepasang dengan hiasan kat kepala. Lau sesiape yang rambut bersanggul dan bile pakai tudung letakkan hiasan kepala ni sweet sesangat. Nur 02 (RM30) tu mahal sket dr Nur 01 (RM25) sbb krystal lagi byk. Kengkawan ni sample saje. Klau berminat gtau saye nanti leh buat design ikut kesukaan kengkawan.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend Activity turned out to be I can't upload the picture because I use Google Crome...huhuuu. OK here is the anklet. Just a simple design. Like I said, the owner likes a simple design. I like the texture of the suasa balls. Wish I could close up the picture..hehhee...

I also have come out with a bracelet and a little brooch just for my friend's wedding gift.
The bracelet has hanging hearts and the little brooch also has the same heart shape sworasky crystal. They are a matching jewelery.

This sweet little brooch is my special gift to my sister's birthday. As you can see the little brooch is made with a purple rose and purple crystals.

Try to upload picture....but fail... what happened??? suasa anklet is actually ready and will be delivered to its owner today but unfortunately left it at home. Wana show you but I don't know why can't upload the picture. It has a simple design. She likes it that way.

Friday, July 1, 2011

New Project

Hi errmmm it's hard to maintain updating my blog. The idea wasn't there. But wana share with you all I have a new project coming up. The project is to make an anklet. It will be made from suasa (just cant find the word in English). A colleague of mine ordered one. Hopefully it will be done before the weekend ends. It seems that I only have Sunday to do it. Saturday will be busy with short course in the morning, attending a neighbour's wedding at noon and right after that fetching my girl to her tuition class. So will be seeing you all when the anklet is ready to be delivered and hopefully will show you all how it will look like.